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dead rising dead rising

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Hellz yah

I like the style. Kind of a sepia noir, action comic kind of thing, and it works well for frank. And his serve-bot head. Not sure what to say. the color seems a bit off on some parts, as in a little messy, but it's probably due to scanning.
On another note, i went through the whole game looking like a servebot mobster. It made the cutscenes hilarious.
On another another note, I heard the hero of the sequel isn't going to be Frank. Thoughts on this?

dommi-fresh responds:

i think the new guy looks pretty badass, plus i always thought frank was a lil bit of a cock

My Real Life Nightmare My Real Life Nightmare

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A nightmare...

...Will never be as frightening to those you tell it. And never again as frightening as the moment you awake. The moment when you understand it; when it is real for a split second. Then locked away in your brain, the fear keeping it out. If I may quote the everyday...
You had to be there.
Sorry, sorry! I have a lot of nightmares, and had to let this little rant out. But yes, the meaning of this will only be as deep to those who dream it.

The art was good; the messages added to it. Wish I could tell what they said, though. And the effects you used are very well implemented. This entire image glows. Either that or my eyes are worse than I thought. 10/10. Especially because you were able to bring yourself to draw your nightmare. Peoples minds don't usually like to do that; it takes willpower.

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Zelldoom responds:

it actually glows, dont worry we all at least had a nightmare and we just have to express in a way, mine was this and so i draw it. you go a point on nightmares, they will ever be with us.

Pikmin Bad Fan Art Pikmin Bad Fan Art

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Horrible. Wonderfully horrible.

Well drawn, well shaded. Not cartoony at all.

...In other words, you missed the mark by a mile. Which is exactly what the contest is all about! Good work! :D

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